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Dear Logan Students and Parents,

It is my pleasure to be assigned to Logan Elementary School as your principal.  My vision here at Logan is to foster and nurture a productive team consisting of students, teachers, parents, staff members, and community members in which encouragement is given for academic risk-taking and authentic support is shown for individuality.  The team will help produce students that can solve various problems and emulate good decision making skills.  This vision encompasses all team members valuing the joy of serving our community and guiding students to capture a sense of self-pride. 

The emphasis will be on TEAMwork (Together Everyone Achieves More).  I challenge all of you to get involved with your child’s education.  We will be a successful school if students come to school prepared to learn, teachers do their job to the best of their ability, parents become advocates of the educational process, and the community supports the school.  We are a team and the team will only be successful if we all work together.
Here at Logan Elementary School achievement is the #1 priority.  Each of us must make a commitment to our students, our school, and our district that we will uphold this priority.  It is everyone’s responsibility to help shoulder the goal of achieving.  I challenge all of you to raise our students’ expectations of what they can achieve academically and socially.

Students must do their part; pay attention in class, do all of your homework, come to school every day ready to learn, and be respectful of everyone.

Teachers must do their part; plan, prepare, and deliver lessons that motivate students, communicate with students and parents, and provide a safe environment that nurtures learning.

Parents must do their part; provide your child with a supportive home environment by checking homework and spending time with your child reading, writing, and computing, encourage your child to follow the rules of the school, and most importantly communicate the importance of a positive attitude toward learning.

I will do my part; be firm, fair, and consistent with all students, support the staff in educational endeavors, and communicate with parents.

Change is challenging, but I expect that this transition will not be difficult if we all work as a team.  I want Logan to be a great place to learn and work.


Mrs. Jill R. Daloisio