Attendance Policy

Altoona Area School District Attendance INFORMATION
Consistent attendance is critical for a student's success in school.  As such, Altoona Area School District and Logan Elementary are working together with families to assist students and families in making school attendance a priority and overcoming any obstacles that could prevent their regular attendance.  The district has formed a School Attendance Improvement Plan (SAIP) team, including the district Attendance Director Patty Sauka as well as the building principal, school counselor, and the student's teacher.  This team comes together to partner with families if attendance becomes a concern for students.  The goal of this team is to work collaboratively with all stakeholders to promote attendance improvement.  

We would like to ensure that families and students are aware of the district attendance policy so that infractions do not occur.  A summary of key points of the policy is described below, however please see the full district policy here.   Letters will be mailed home informing families of each unlawful absence so that they can hopefully be addressed.

Policy "At-a-Glance"
  • Students will ONLY be excused from school for board-approved reasons WITH a signed, dated note from the parent within 3 days of their return to school
  • Board-approved absences include illness of the student, death in the family, or a pre-approved family trip (complete paperwork prior to trip -- contact school secretary Chris Miller in the office to obtain paperwork)
  • Parental illness, car trouble, over sleeping, weather conditions, etc. are NOT considered board-approved absences and will result in an unlawful absence
  • Kindergarten students ARE INCLUDED in this compulsory attendance policy so please familiarize yourself with the expectations

What to expect if your child accumulates:
  • 3 UNLAWFUL DAYS = letter mailed home indicating a violation of compulsory attendance provision of the PA Public School Code  (24 P.S. 13-1327); possible involvement of District Attendance Coordinator, SAIP team, or prosecution/fines
  • 6 UNLAWFUL DAYS = required School Attendance Improvement meeting  to draft a School Attendance Improvement Plan with the SAIP team
  • 10 MISSED DAYS (excused + unlawful combined) = letter mailed home; every missed day following the 10th absence will require a doctor’s excuse with the date of absence(s) in order to be excused (notes from parents will no longer excuse absences)
  • 20 MISSED DAYS (excused + unlawful combined) = letter mailed home; required 20-day hearing with SAIP team and family
  • 35 MISSED DAYS (excused + unlawful combined) = letter mailed home; possible retention at current grade level
  • 20% MISSED DAYS (missing 20% or more of school days up to current point -- excused + unlawful combined) = involvement of SAIP team; attendance monitored
A sample excuse is provided here for your convenience. Feel free to print this excuse, fill in the blanks, and submit it to your child's teacher within three (3) days of all absences.
For any questions or concerns regarding  your child's attendance, please contact your child's teacher or the school counselor, Miss Tiffany Glab.  Attendance can also be tracked by using your ProgressBook login.  We appreciate your cooperation and participation in promoting positive attendance patterns for your student.